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Uninterruptible Power Supply
Unipalm Group plc
Unipress Software, Inc.
Unique ID Listing
unique key
unique sales point
Unir Tech
Unisys Corporation
Unit Separator
unit testing
United Kingdom Unix Users Group
United Technologies Research Cente
Universal algebra
Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
Universal Character Set
Universal Communications X
Universal Debugger
Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration
Universal Disk Format
universal quantifier
Universal Resource Identifier
Universal Resource Locator
Universal Serial Bus
universal thunk
Universal Time
Universal Time Coordinated
University of Arizona
University of California at Berkeley
University of Durham
University of East London
University of Edinburgh
University of Hawaii
University of Iceland
University of London Computing Centre
University of Michigan
University of Michigan Digital Library Project
University of Minnesota
University of Nijmegen

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